Australia Client Ordered 2BXF-4/12 Wheat And Corn Seeder



Australia had ordered 2BXF-4/12 wheat and corn seeder from UNIQUE. 2BXF-4/12 wheat and corn seeder, is also called wheat(corn) combined seed and fertilizer drill.

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2BXF-4/12 Wheat And Corn Seeder Specification:
Model(kg)                                    2BXF-4/12
Weight(kg)                                   190
Row spacing(mm)                     150~240
Seeding lines                              4/12
Ditching depth(mm)                   60-80
Sowing depth(mm)                    30-50
Work efficiency(ha/h)                  0.3-0.4
Seeding quantity per Mu(kg)     1.5-50
Fertilizing quantity per Mu(kg)   0~90
Matched power(kw)                    11-13.2



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