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7C-5/7CX-5 farm trailers mainly apply to field transporting and agricultural cargo loading.

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7C-5/7CX-5 Features and Benefits

7C-5/7CX-5 Farm Trailer
Model: 7C-5/7CX-5

Introduction of 7C-5/7CX-5 Farm Trailer:
7C-5/7CX-5 farm trailers mainly apply to field transporting and agricultural cargo loading. It is mainly made up of carriage assembly, the bottom board, the frame, the dragging frame, wheel shaft, the brake, cylinder, the rear taillight, right-and –left column, spring board, tire, rim and so on. It is easy to operate with simple structure. This machine is welded through carbon dioxide protecting welding or d and the outside is dealt with the large machine of shot casting which changes the welding stress to wipe off oxidation cover and rust. It has a nice looking and wears well by the treat of antirust paint and cover paint. More, it has a wide range of use without environmental pollution and a high efficiency of loading.

Parameters of 7C-5/7CX-5 Farm Trailer:
Model: 7CX-5
Name: 5 tons trailer
Dimension:5400*2190*2400 mm
Carriage dimension: 4000*2000*550 mm
Load: 5000 kg
Type of tyre:750-16
Type of brake: Expire brake
Fitted mower: 40-50 hp
Packing dimension:  3500*2100*1000 mm (2sets)
Packing net weight: 2000 kg
Packing gross weight:  4100 kg
Form of changing direction: No-central turn plate
Form of drawing: Tripod linkage(buffer spring)
Form of shock absorption: Spring arch
Tipovering form:  Tip over of right and left
Form of gas circuit linkage: Screw gas pipe linkage
Oil pipe linkage:  Nipple links with main machines, and trailer is rapid tie-in
Form of electric linkage: Linkage of rapid tie-in of screw seven-core thread

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