Skillfully Figure Out Farm Tractor Faults

2014-03-13 10:13:55



While using the farm tractor, the tractor's technical station will become bad after happening faults, the acceleration performance, economical performance, reliability performance and operating quality indicator reduce significantly, even unable to work because of the faults. Along with the failures occurred, farm tractor could lead to some unusual phenomena, known as failure signs. Farm tractor failures signs are mainly the following:

1. Abnormal operation. Certain mechanism or parts cannot be operated according to the required, such as cannot start and difficult to operate.

2. Abnormal temperature. Tractor engine or some transmission parts overheat, water temperature and oil temperature overheat.

3. Abnormal sound, such as knock, firecracker, squealing and scraping sound.

4. Abnormal appearance, such as exhaust concentration and color are abnormal, light does not shine, parts deformate or displace, oil leaks, water leaks, and air leaks.

5. Abnormal smell. There are burnt oil smell, riction disk burnt smell and wire insulation burnnt rubber smell.

Fault phenomena is related with farming tractor fault reason, which reflects farming tractor's technical station change regularity and change status.



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