China National Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Will Firstly Increase Aviation Aircraft And Grain And Oil Processing Machienry

2014-03-25 10:10:51



2014 China National Agricultural Machinery And Spare Parts Exhibition will be held on March 27 in Zhengzhou city, Henan province, will last 3 days.

Fan Jinglong, the vice executive president of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, said that, the total exhibition area is 50,000 square meters this year, 10,000 square meters more than last year, and the outdoor exhibition area has increased 8000 square meters, and the standard indoor booths designed for SMEs have reached more than 280, and there are more than 350 attending manufacturers. The attending agricultural machinery enterprises are the national famous brands. In addition, the biggest bright spot the exhibition is that, firstly increase aviation aircraft and grain and oil processing machinery, which is a major breakthrough in the spring agricultural machinery exhibition.

For why increase spare parts exhibition this time, Fan Jinglong said, the level and quality of agricultural machinery parts are the key and base of agricultural machinery whole level and quality, the exhibition firstly show the spare parts, is to hope through the exchange and cooperation between the whole machine and spare parts, to promote the agricultural machinery industry’s technological progress and industrial upgrading.



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