Vietnam Farm Machinery Market Is In Short Supply

2014-03-27 10:15:12



According to the introduction, Vietnam domestic farm machinery enterprises' products only meet 50% of domestic market need, foreign-funded enterprises have less investment in agro-processing and engine assembly.

Vietnam Agriculture And Rural Development Ministry said that by 2015, the mechanization degree of agriculture's each basic link  would reach 95%, sowing 35% and harvesting 70%. By 2020, the above indicator would increase to 100%, 50% and 80% respectively. To achieve the above objectives, the ministry has proposed the following solutions: reform the farmland, strengthen the farm machinery modernization technology and application, cultivate farm machinery human resource. Among them, focus on the development of farm equipment manufacturing.

Vietnam farm machinery enterprises need the goverment appropriate support at the policy, suggest the government to exempt from VAT on farm machinery production, thus reduce farmers' burden, in favour of domestic farm machinery competing with imported farm machinery.



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