How Does Farm Tractor Rest To Ensure Good Performance

2014-04-01 10:19:48



In order to ensure farm tractor can operate well, use performance and service life are not affected after going out next time, should do the maintenance work well in farm tractor idle period.

1. Before entering, should lubricate the wheeled tractor adequately, should make the moving components run regularly in custody period.

2. Improve tractor tire inflation pressure, regularly change tractor tire landing position, prevent tractor tire from damaging because of local deformation; or can lift the wheeled tractor out of ground with frame, make tractor tire affected by the tractor load.

3. Should keep agricultural tractor in door, prevent the dust and moisture in the air from entering the inside, pollute and erode tractor parts; protect the rubber parts from being aged due to UV radiation.

4. Should cover the air outlet, prevent dust and water from entering.

The above four points can prevent the agricultural tractor from eroding, decaying, aging, polluting and deforming due to natural factors in idle period. Therefore, be sure to do as asked.



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