How To Identify Agricultural Tractor Operation

2014-04-11 10:17:56



1. Start situation
New tractor' engine must be easy to start. In general, the diesel engine with better performance, can fire one or two times when start on the 10℃ enviromental temperature.

2. Tractor engine running situation
After the tractor engine starting, look at whether the exhaust smoke is normal. If the black smoke disappear quickly after increase the throttle suddenly, means the performance is good. In normal working condition, the exhaust is pale grey. At the same time, the sound is silvery, no noise, don't leak oil, water and air, and the instruments work properly.

3. Agricultural tractor operation and running situation
After the tractor engine runns correctly, start the agricultural tractor. Should meet the following requirements: clutch work reliably, joint stably; shift lightly; steer conveniently, no leak oil in the chassis; no obnormal sound. After checking, then can buy the qualified agricultural tractor.



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