China AQSIQ Will Choose And Check The Imported Farm Machinery Quality And Safety

2014-04-15 10:04:02



Recently, China AQSIQ has issued the announcement of choosing and checking parts of the imported farm machinery's quality and safety(the.29th in 2014), require the localities to strengthen the port choose and check of the imported plant protection machinery and wheeled tractor, mainly choose and check the improted cotton harvester, to prevent the unqualified farm machinery from entering into China, raise the imported farm machinery quality and safety level.

The announcement asks the local entry-exit inspection and quarantine authorities to strengthen the port check of the plant protection machinery listed in the compulsory production certification catalogue with the import and export tariff number: 8424810000), and the wheeled tractor with the import and export tariff no: 8701901190, mainly check whether have achieved the effective compulsory product certification and affix certification mark.

The announcement asks the various port and destination inspection and quarantine authorities to enhance the important check on imported cotton harvester, according to the safety inspection table of the imported cotton harvester, check the cotton harvester safety requirement, marking and use instruction. The inspection can be implemented by the inspection report issued by the qualified third party with relative inspection certificates or the inspection on their own sampling (distinguish the manufacturers and models, sampling ratio of 10%). For the imported cotton harvester which has been done the related procedures, such as record and the statement in the destination inspection and quarantine authority, should inspect and supervise in the destination inspection and quarantine authority, exempt from the check in the port inspection and quarantine authority.

The announcement requires the above choose and check from May 1 to October 31, 2014.



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