How To Identify Farm Tractor Fault

2014-04-17 10:14:13



In real life, many farm machinery drivers start to operate midway, also can be said to be new to the farm machinery, then how to identify farm tractor faults? Farm tractor will appear certain phenomenons before failing, which can be referred to as signal. These "signals" are generally to hear, smell, see, touch or measure, sum up in the following six kinds:

1. Effect abnormal. Farm tractor technical status and performance occur abnormal, such as start difficult, tractor brake failure, clutch slipping, generator no electricity generation, and the tractor tractive force too small.

2. Temperature abnormal, for example, bearing overheat, clutch overheat and generator overheat, etc.

3. Consumption abnormal, for example, diesel oil, oil and cooling water consumption are excessive.

4. Sound abnormal. There are abnormal knocking sound, firecracker sound and unusual sound when farm ractor works.

5. Smell unusual. Exhaust pipe discharges the incomplete combustion oil smell or friction burning smell and so on.

6. Appearance abnormal, for example, the exhaust pipe emits white smoke, black smoke or blue smoke, there are oil leakage, water leakage, electricity leakage and air leakage everywhere, light is not bright, components or parts distraction, and the instrument reading is above the normal range, etc.

The above are the signals of farm tractor fault, tractor driver should according to the signals, analyze specifically, make the timely diagnosis, find the reason as soon as possible, and clear the hidden faults.



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