China Farm Machinery Export Products' Popularity Is Uneven And Price Competitiveness Is Fierce

2015-03-06 14:03:22



From 2013 China farm machinery export analysis, in the six big export series products, especially show in that, all series' popularity is uneven, among which the tillage and management machinery, farm tractor, sowing and planting machinery and farm vehicle have increased in different degrees, the anuual accumulative export amouts are 1549098 units, 145676 unis, 217621 units and 16531 units, respectively increasing by 9%, 17.7%, 56.7% and 34.3%; and the corresponding export amounts have increased differently, increasing by 10.3%, 3.8%, 22.7% and 3.7% respectively, and the single unit price, except for the tillage and management machinery, basically equal to that in last year, other farm machinery all fall.

On the other hand, analyzing from the export growth falling machinery, such as harvesting machinery, garden and park machinery and milking machine, the statistics show that last year exported 24770 units, 7414124 units and 20099 units respectively, and reducing by 14.9%, 5.1% and 15.9% respectively. The corresponding export amounts have reduced by 19.5%, 1% and 25.3% respectively. The single unit export price, in addition to the garden and park machinery, basically equal to that in last year, the other two fell slightly.

It shows that, last year China farm machinery export growth power on hand is led by small machinery. on the one hand the export price is down, also showing that China farm machienry export price competition is fierce.



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