The definition of Tractor Brake

2015-04-13 15:05:20

Once off you will need to remove the shoes and brake cam. Most of the shoes are just held to the cover by the tension of the brake springs themselves. Others may have a small snap ring that needs to be removed. You may need to press the cam out with a press or vise.

Clean the cover completely. Clean the cam completely. - Inspect the drum. If the surface of the drum is rusty or rough you will need to sand that smooth before you install the shoes in rough drums you can severely shorten the life of the shoes - all the way down to just a few stops before they are destroyed! The shoes are far to expensive to take chances.
Lube the cam with a good quality grease or lubricant. Install new oring. Install new shoes onto the cover. Use new springs if your old springs are rusty or damaged.Install a new gasket - important because any water or humidity that gets into this
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