• China Agricultural Mechanization Association Subdivided The Service Function      [2013-01-28]

    On January 23, Agricultural Machinery Identification, the 3 branches inauguaral meeting of Agricultural Machinery Professional Service Organization, Agricultural Technology of China Agricultural Mechanization Association was held in Beijing, and the vice minister of agriculture Zhang Taolin established the three branches respectively.

  • The Farm Tractor’s Significance For Farmer-Not Just As A Working Tool      [2013-01-25]

    The Farm Tractor’s Significance For Farmer-Not Just As A Working Tool

  • How To Compare Utility Tractors      [2013-01-23]

    How To Compare Utility Tractors

  • The United States Agricultural Mechanization Level And Development Trend In Rece      [2013-01-21]

    The United States Agricultural Mechanization Level And Development Trend In Recent Years

  • The Tractor Belt’s Maintenance       [2013-01-18]

    Tractor belt maintenance should pay attention to the following two aspects

  • The Starting And Stop Of Agriculture Tractor      [2013-01-16]

    Agriculture tractor started and operating speed idling engine start after ten minutes you can start.

  • How To Improve Agriculture Tractor Efficiency      [2013-01-14]

    How To Improve Agriculture Tractor Efficiency

  • The National Harvest Equipment Inspection Center Settled In Jiamusi      [2013-01-09]

    The National Crop Harvest Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center settled in Youyi Road, Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, was recognized by China National Accreditation Board For Laboratories and Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China, indicating that China only one national crop harvest equipment inspection center was located in Jiamusi City.

  • Slump Agricultural Machinery Market Has Made Sales Return To The Fundamentals      [2013-01-07]

    Despite the official data haven't come out this year, however, the agricultural machinery market is certain downturn; Important reason should be in the macro economic situation of the poor and the uncertainty of the economic operation itself.

  • Log Splitter      [2013-01-04]

    A log splitter is a piece of farm machinery or equipment used for splitting firewood from softwood or hardwood logs that have
    been pre-cut into sections (rounds), usually by chainsaw or on a saw bench.

  • Farm Tractors Fuel Tests' Response From Manufacturer      [2012-12-28]

    Farmers should consider all operating points when calculating farm tractors' fuel efficiency.

  • Teen-agers Safety Solution When Driving Wheel Tractors      [2012-12-21]

    There are many hazards associated with driving wheel tractors including roll-overs, run-overs, collisions, exposure to moving machinery, hazardous weather conditions, and uneven terrain? Studies show that tractors are involved in a high proportion of farm fatalities and injuries.

  • Requirement Of Disc Harrow      [2012-12-19]

    Usually,we especially emphasize here the expected requirements of a disc harrow which should not be overlooked before taking a harrow to the field.

  • Four-wheel Tractors' Application      [2012-12-18]

    Four-wheel tractors can be divided into 3 categories: two-wheel drive, front-wheel assist or unequal four-wheel drive, and equal four-wheel drive tractors. Each one of these tractors has different tire configurations and different ballast equirements.

  • Agricultural Machinery Products Market Situation Analysis In November 2012      [2012-12-14]

    According to the data of China agricultural machinery industry association, the gross output values of wheel tractor manufacturing industry, mechanized farming and gardening machinery manufacturing industry and agriculture, animal husbandry and fishing accessories manufacturing industry are 40.498 billion yuan, 61.727 billion yuan and 41.517 billion yuan respectively, increasing by 16.42%, 36.37% and 21.58% respectively.

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