• Tractor Hydraulic System      [2012-12-12]

    Basically, hydraulic system allows the wheel tractor operator to do tasks that require high effort with a simple push of a lever or flip of an electrical switch, which actuates the hydraulic circuit. In its simplest form, hydraulic pressure and flow can be converted to forces and motion that allow the tractor to perform tasks that an operator cannot do physically.

  • Farm Tractor Rear Turnover      [2012-12-10]

    Agriculture in the United States is one of the most hazardous industries, only surpassed by mining and construction. No other farm machine is so identified with the hazards of production agriculture as the farm tractor. Tractor-related injuries account for approximately 32% of the fatalities and 6% of the nonfatal injuries in agriculture. Over 50% is attributed to tractor overturns.

  • China YTO Flag Won The Title Of Agricultural Machinery Parts Leading Enterprises      [2012-12-05]

    Recently, according to the parts leading enterprises selection rules, the parts branch of China agricultural machinery industry association chose the first leasing enterprises, and Flag Auto-Body Company was on the list.

  • Kubota Announced To Produce Commercial Diesel Engine In China      [2012-12-03]

    On November 26, Japanese farm machinery manufacturer Kubota announced to produce commercial diesel engine in China from 2014 summer.

  • Dezhou Agricultural Mechanization Overall Strength Has Significantly Enhanced In      [2012-11-28]

    Since this year, pulled by the country policy of strong machine and benefit farmers, and under the efforts of agricultural machienry management office, Shandong Dezhou agricultural mechanization overall strength has significantly enhanced.

  • The 4th China-Russia Farm Machinery Exhibition Would Be Held In April 2013      [2012-11-26]

    The 4th China-Russia (Jiamusi) farm machinery exhibition would be held in April 2013 in the 220000 square meters open exhibition field of Jiamusi Tianrun international agricultural machinery exhibition center.

  • John Deere Earned $687.6 Million In The Fourth Wealth Quarter, Beyond Expectatio      [2012-11-23]

    The world largest agricultural machinery manufacturer John Deere Company announced its fourth quarter earnings in local time on November 21. The data showed that, in the quarter, the profit of John Deere company increased by 3%, and the sales increased by 14%.

  • 2012 China Agricultural Mechanization Forum Focusing System Innovation      [2012-11-21]

    2012 China agricultural mechanization forum was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province recently. The forum was jointly sponsored by the agricultural mechanization branch of China agricultural machienry association and the newspaper, with the theme of “the whole agricultural mechanization production mode exploration and innovation”.

  • Different Agricultural Machinery Products Coexist Extremely Hot And Fall Sharply      [2012-11-19]

    This year cproducts have presented diversified development trend, sometimes increase and sometimesdecrease, coexist extremely hot and fall sharply.

  • Treasury Ministry Leaders Went To Investigate Agricultural Machienry Industry As      [2012-11-14]

    National treasury minister assistant Hu Jing Lin, inspector Lu Gui Min, director Lv Shu Qi along with the delegation went to investigate China agricultural machienry industry association specially.

  • China Farm Machinery Parts Industry Development      [2012-11-12]

    China Farm Machinery Parts Industry Development
    1. China farm machienry parts would enter into the next gold ten years of fast development.
    2. Increase the core parts development and enhance independent innovation and core competitiveness.

  • John Deere Harbin Factory Has Officially Put Into Operation To Build Agricultura      [2012-11-09]

    On November 2, 2012, China Harbin - the world's largest agricultural machinery leading enterprise John Deere company announced that, its first agricultural machinery whole line products manufacturing base in China---John Deere (Harbin) Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. put into operation offically.

  • CPC to open 18th National Congress      [2012-11-08]

    he Communist Party of China (CPC) is scheduled to open its 18th National Congress at around 9am Thursday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing to set the tone for the future of the Party and the country over the coming five years.

  • The Existing Problems Of China Farm Machinery Parts      [2012-11-07]

    The Existing Problems Of China Farm Machinery Parts
    1. The parts enterprises have weak research and innovation ability.
    2. Parts flow capacity is poor, which affects the interests of all parties.
    3. Farm machinery parts quality should be enhanced urgently.
    4. Spare parts industry profitability is not strong.

  • Present Situation Of Agriculturam Machinery Parts Industry In China       [2012-11-05]

    Since this century, due to the agriculture development need and the benefiting-farmers policy implementation such as agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, agricultural machinery industry has grown rapidly.

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