• Global Industry Leaders To Discuss Agricultural Machinery Industry Development I      [2012-10-31]

    On October 10, 2012, the agricultural machinery industry association leaders of world’s main agricultural machienry manufactur countries gathered in early winter Moscow.

  • Bauma China 2012      [2012-10-29]

    We will attend Bauma China 2012, from Nov 27 to Nov 30, 2012

  • Farm Machinery Development Problems Need To Be Solved Urgently      [2012-10-26]

    In recent years, China has greatly increased the farm machinery purchase subsidy funds, which greatly stimulated the farmers' purchase and use farm machinery enthusiasm, and effectively promoted the agricultural mechanization development.

  • Argentina Agricultural Machinery Export Increased      [2012-10-24]

    According to the report of Argentine Financial Newpaper on October 8, due to the increased demand of farm implements import to Venezuela and Bolivia, in the first seven months of this year, Argentina agricultural machinery export increased by 47% year-on-year

  • UNIQUE Company Organized The Outward Bound Training      [2012-10-23]

    In order to further improve the company employees’ team consciousness and communication skill, UNIQUE Company organized the outward bound training activity on October 20 and 21

  • The Innovation System Is The Key Of China Agricultutal Machinery Industry In The      [2012-10-17]

    After half century development, China agricultural mechanization equipment level has improved steadily, the field operation mechanization level improved significantly, and farm machinery service filed expanded constantly.

  • The Temporary Treatment Of Tractor Fault In The Out      [2012-10-15]

    1. The reasons of tractor  flameout in operation, one is that the diesel oil fiter is too dirty, the filter core is wraped closely with oil sludge, clean after removing the filter. Another is the high pressure oil pump return oil. In the hollow screw, the oil return valve spring pressure is too small to drain, and can not form pressure in the pump. Pad the spring tightly with small wooden plug to form pressure, or replace the steel ball.

  • Chinese Writer Mo Yan Won the Nobel Literature Prize      [2012-10-12]

    Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize for Literature on Thursday. The Swedish Academy, which gives out the annual prizes, described Mo's works as "hallucinatory realism" merging "folk tales, history and the contemporary".

  • Henan Issued Suggestions To Promote Agricultural Mechanization And Farm Machiner      [2012-10-10]

    According to suggestion about implementing the agricultural mechanization promotion and rapid and healthy farm machinery industry development, issued just by Henan provincial government, in 2015, the total farm machinery power will up to 120 million kw, the mechanization level of comprehensively tilling, planting and harvesting the main crop will reach 77%, and the grain production mechanization level will reach above 80%, the farm machinery gross industrial output value will reach 80 billion yuan, the export trade volume will reach 12 billion yuan.

  • Accelerate The Process Of Agricultural Mechanization To Copy With Labor Shortage      [2012-10-08]

    In recent years, farm machineries have gradually replaced the human and animal power to become  the important tool of China agricultural production, largely promoting the agricultural production efficiency.

  • Confucius' Birthday Marked In E China      [2012-09-29]

    A memorial ceremony for Confucius is held at the Temple of Confucius in Qufu city, East China's Shandong province, on Sept 28, 2012. The ritual celebrates the 2,563rd birthday of the ancient Chinese philosopher.

  • South-south Cooperation Reasearch Class Students Visited Hunan      [2012-09-27]

    n September 22, more than 40 students of Developing Countries Agriculture South-south Cooperation Reasearch Class hosted by the ministry of commerce and foreign economic cooperation center of agriculture ministry, accompanied by Wu Xiao Ming, deputy director of Foreign Economic Center of Hunan Province Agricultural Ministry, visited Mapoling agricultural machinery professional market in Changsha.

  • Jiangsu And Saskatchewan Would Deepen Agricultural Machinery Cooperation      [2012-09-25]

    In order to effectively promote China and Canada's agricultural machinery enterprises to carry out all-round cooperation, and promote the vigorous development of agricultural machinery industry in two countries, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Jiangsu Sub-Council signed cooperation memorandum on Sep 10 with Canada Saskatchewan Trade Export Federation.

  • Domestic Agricultural Machinery Enterprises Take Measures To Occupy Internationa      [2012-09-21]

    In recent years, a large number of enterprises including international agricultural machinery giant and the fund have entered into the tractor industry rapidly, which makes the domestic tractor market international competition increase.

  • China High-end Agricultural Machinery Parts Have Many In Blank      [2012-09-20]

    "There are still some problems in China agricultural machinery parts field, and the high-end parts field of power shift gearbox, electronic control technology, hydraulic drive is still in blank.”

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