• What to do After Tractor Running-in      [2012-08-09]

    1. While still hot, emit the gear oil in brand tractor gearbox, rear axle and transmission box, inject diesel oil to clean, then release the diesel oil, and clear the dust of iron in oil plug and magnet, replace with new gear oil.
    2. While still hot,  emit the oil in oil pan, clean the lubrication system with diesel oil, replace with new oil.

  • UT554 Tractor Sent To Canada      [2012-08-08]

    UT554 canopy ractor with front end Loader was sent to Canada.

  • How To Buy Wheel Tractor      [2012-08-07]

    1.Buy appropiate tractor model according to the usage.

    2.Buy appropiate tractor model according to the safety performance.

    3.Buy appropiate tractor model according to the matching implements.

    4.Buy appropiate tractor model according to weight.

    5.Buy appropiate tractor model according to quality.

    6.Buy appropiate tractor model according to after service.

  • Classify Tractor By Walking Device      [2012-08-06]

    1. Crawler Tractor

    2. Wheeled Tractor

    (1) Walking Tractor

    (2) Wheeled Tractor

    ①2WD Tractor

    ②4WD Tractor

  • Why Tractor Diesel Engine Should Not In Idle Speed For Long Time      [2012-08-03]

    Idle speed means that the diesel engine is operated stablely in low speed without load. The dynamic power produced by fuel combustion in idle speed is just used to overcome the friction resistance of diesel engine itself operation. Generally, before starting, shifting, temporary shutdown and parking, diesel tractors always in idle running for a short time. However, the diesel engine idle running shall not exceed 10~15 minutes, if the time of idle operation is too long, not only increase fuel consumption but also accelerate parts wear and tear, especially the compression system parts. This is because:

  • Why To Maintain Tractor?      [2012-08-02]

    When using hydraulic tractor, due to natural and human factors, some parts will reduce or completely lose operating ability because of pollution, wear and tear, loose, derangement. Meanwhile, lubricating oil and cooling water will be gradually reduced or deteriorated with the increasing use time.

  • Usage Of Tractor      [2012-08-01]

    The escort tractor can be used in the following 4 aspects

  • Emphasize "Ten-avoidance" Of Tractor Maintenance      [2012-07-31]

    Emphasize "Ten-avoidance" Of Tractor Maintenance

  • Export Volume Of Shandong Tractor      [2012-07-27]

     Learning from the Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, as the big province of agricultural machinery products, Shandong agricultural machinery export is $310 million in first half year, increase of 17.1%, realizing the good development.

  • Tractor Features You May Concern      [2012-04-21]

    There are two kinds of wheel drive for tractors. 4 Wheel drive and 2 Wheel drive. According to the Unique sale teams, 80% of tractor we sold are four-wheel drive (4WD) models. Reasons are as follows.

  • How to Choose a Tractor      [2012-04-21]

    Getting a right tractor is important: it's an one worth investment and a easily last 10, or 20 years or more. Now Unique Tractor Team will help you through the process to choose a right tractor.



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